Thank you for 2023!

Thank you for 2023!

"The future is not eternity, but here and now."

Christmas is just around the corner. Time again this year to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has accompanied us on our journey. We have often shaken our heads at what is currently happening in our world. The economic situation is characterised by record inflation, which will continue to accompany and influence us in the coming year. Nevertheless, we are looking positively to the future, but would also like to pause for a moment and review the year 2023: We were able to accompany many exciting tasks, large and small orders this year. New customers and longstanding partnerships. The year 2023 was characterised by a little bit of everything.

GÖCKENER is entering its 25th business year next year – unbelievable. We are looking forward to taking the next steps together, which we hope will be just as promising as the many years that have passed. We are facing major challenges in the coming months, which we will master together, primarily due to continuous orders and newly acquired customers. If you look at the economic situation and forecasts in other sectors, we can consider ourselves very fortunate that we can plan for further growth and secure new jobs in the long term. For this reason we should all focus more often on the HERE and NOW and be grateful for what we have every day.

Finally we would like to thank you once again for your trust and support this year and wish you all the best for the coming period, a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and a good start to a successful 2024!

Warmest regards