Innovative and functional: Cold Instant Compresses from the manufacturer GÖCKENER

Cold Instant Compresses are suitable for single use and are used as a wellness product to increase well-being or for local pain treatment as a medical product..

We at GÖCKENER as manufacturer of the Cold Instant Compresses produce the cold packs as a wellness product or in contract manufacturing as a medical device, if you as the customer have registered the device as class IIa with a notified body.

We ensure comprehensive quality assurance of raw materials and materials as well as complete documentation of the batches. This means that our production processes are fully traceable and can be traced at any time. With in-process controls we ensure the consistent and high quality for which we guarantee.

The high-quality ice packs are made of a tear-resistant PA/PE film cover and are particularly easy to handle. The innovative cooling starts within 2 to 3 seconds when the granulate is mixing with the water. This means that the Cold Instant Compresses have an immediate cooling effect and pre-cooling is no longer necessary. The same manufacturing process can also be used to fill other granulates for moisture absorption. With a flexo or gravure printing process we individualize your Cold Instant Compresses and thus ensure more awareness.

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