Individual products from the heat carrier manufacturer

You will find our gel-based heat carriers in various forms and made of various materials.

Gels have the advantage that they can be used for cooling as well as for heat transfer. GÖCKENER's specially developed heat gels have a positive effect on heat storage and heat dissipation.

As a manufacturer of heat transfer media, we at GÖCKENER have continuously expanded our expertise in the field of gel production over the past 20 years and have thus become a leading company for products for hot and cold applications as well as for foil and gel articles. Our innovative welding technologies ensure maximum product safety and we can produce small and large quantities according to your requirements. Individualisation is also possible at any time.

The gel-based heat carriers from us as the manufacturer are suitable for heat therapy in the shoulder, back and abdominal area. You will find more detailed information on the individual products in the respective individual descriptions. We are also available to answer your questions personally.