Polyurethane Casting Technology

a technology for successful products

Optimal solutions - We as a professional supplier for PU casting

For many years, GÖCKENER has stood for successful products based on the latest technologies. An optimal solution for different industries and applications is offered by polyurethane gels, which, combined with a complex manufacturing process on different lines, can become one of your bestsellers in terms of turnover.

With PU gels you enjoy a maximum of choice in terms of properties. From soft to hard or combined with other materials, such as textiles, fabrics, foils or metals - you decide according to your personal requirements and we are of course available to advise you as a professional supplier of PU gels.

The PU gels are cast in individually manufactured precision steel tools. The result: a unique product as an addition to an existing assembly or as a stand-alone product.

Your opportunities

The scope to implement your ideas with us as a supplier for PU casting:

  • Different PU systems can be used
  • Formulations can be varied
  • Product properties can be specifically influenced
  • Variety of combinations with other materials
  • flexible tool construction of quarter, half or whole tools