Kink warmer - Instant warmth article

Individually manufactured - in all shapes and sizes

Useful energy source and immediately available heat wherever it is needed. Ideal as an advertising medium or as a leisure and fan article, e.g. as a seat underlay on the children's playground, in the football stadium or on the raised hide. Also available as a custom-made product for special applications e.g. as a bottle warmer, as a bicycle saddle warmer or as a kidney warmer. And the best thing - you can use it again and again!

GÖCKENER produces"Made in Germany" in best quality, REACH conform and with short delivery times, heat pads, also known as pocket warmers or instant hand warmers for 20 years. Beside a large selection of available shapes, individual warming pads can also be produced. Multicoloured printing in screen or digital printing. The counter printing ensures excellent print adhesion.