Film welding

Powerful and precise

Most modern welding technology for best results

Today, modern film welding techniques offer a variety of possibilities for processing a wide range of products. Our trained employees and the permanent maintenance of the welding tools and machines guarantee you a consistently excellent weld seam quality.

With the help of microprocessors, welding processes are precisely monitored in our production and individual areas are controlled fully automatically. In this way we reduce downtimes and follow-up costs to a minimum, from which you as a customer benefit.

Managing Director Engelbert GÖCKENER, himself from the field of technology, is particularly interested in continuous investment in the latest machine technologies:
"This is the only way we can meet our own quality standards and open up new markets.

The following machines are available:

  • Inline welding machines
  • Bag sealing machines
  • Automatic strip welding machines
  • Vacuum system
  • Laminating machines
  • Ultrasonic welding machines
  • High-frequency welding machines