We as a manufacturer and wholesale of heel wedges

We at GÖCKENER are manufacturers of orthopaedic aids and wholesalers for heel wedges. The PU gels we use for professional polyurethane production show excellent properties and are therefore ideally suited for this product area. Due to our precise production and the enormous flexibility of the material, the heel wedges from our wholesale trade can be optimally adapted to the ergonomics of the foot.

Heel wedges and heel cushions provide relief, support the foot, can have a pain-relieving effect or can be used preventively. The heel wedges are especially suitable for flat shoes and sports shoes, as they can lift the foot optimally.

In the therapeutic field, heel wedges are used for leg length compensation or after foot surgery. The simple insertion into the shoe quickly ensures a high level of wearing comfort. On request, we as a wholesaler produce the heel wedges as self-adhesive and removable versions.

As a contract manufacturer and wholesaler, we at GÖCKENER are also happy to take on the development of individual heel wedges and manufacture products according to your ideas and wishes, which, as gel insoles, can gently relieve feet, knee and hip joints as well as the back. These are manufactured individually or incorporated into an existing sole as gel cushions. Our qualified specialists determine the product specifications according to the application areas together with you in a comprehensive consultation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for this purpose.

You have a product idea based on our heel wedges? Then you are right with us!
Your product development of advertising materials and medical products is in the best hands with us. Contact us directly and let us advise you on your individual product idea without obligation.
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