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For prevention or as a rehabilitation measure

Balance Seat Cushions are a functional aid for prevention or are used to support rehabilitation measures. The Balance Seat Cushions from GÖCKENER ideal for balance exercises during rehabilitation therapy, can promote muscle building and strengthen the back when used daily.

The advantageous properties of the Balance Seat Cushions are directly evident in the application: When sitting on the air-cushioned cushions, the balance must be rebalanced again and again with small movements. This particularly addresses and builds up the smaller muscles that cannot be reached with conventional strengthening exercises. For this reason, regular use of a Balance Seat Cushion is recommended, for example to specifically strengthen and stabilise the back muscles and thus relieve the strain on the intervertebral discs.

We as the manufacturer are happy to produce the Balance Seat Cushion according to your individual wishes and requirements. Printed in several colours or with your logo, the Balance Seat Cushions are ideal as advertising material. Simply contact us for this purpose. We will advise you at any time about your possibilities.

The product advantages of our Balance seat cushions:

The Balance seat cushions from GÖCKENER offer a variety of advantages.

  • enables dynamic sitting
  • smallest movements stimulate intervertebral discs and muscles
  • ideally suited for balance exercises during rehabilitation measures
  • regularly used to support muscle building and back strengthening
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