Your manufacturer for cooling slipper and thermal shoes

We, as a manufacturer of innovative gel products for cold and warm application and for therapy treatment in clinics, practices or at home, have developed the cooling slipper and thermal shoes. The products can have a particularly beneficial effect after foot surgery, reduce swelling and support the healing process. Cooling slipper or thermal shoes are also suitable for treating rheumatic and joint complaints, after a sports accident or occupational stress such as prolonged standing or much walking. The gel compresses complement our cooling gloves or thermal gloves.

You can obtain the thermal shoes and cooling slipper made of transparent, phthalate-free foil directly from us as manufacturer. Depending on your individual requirements, you can choose between a cooling gel or a compress gel. This gel is flexible down to -6°C or down to -18°C. Due to innovative production processes you can freely determine the gel colour. The Premium version contains an additional integrated insulating foam, so that the cold remains in the cooling slipper and lasts for a particularly long time. The soft material and the high-quality welding seams guarantee a pleasant wearing comfort. With our multi-coloured screen print on the insulating foam, a modern embossing or a brilliantly printed inlay, your gel compress for the feet is given the final touch.

The cold application for cooling slippers from the manufacturer

Keep the cooling feet in the refrigerator. This way you always have them ready to hand and ready for use. Storage in the freezer is also possible. However, the cooling slippers should not be worn without cotton socks. These prevent frostbite of sensitive skin areas.

The heat application for thermal shoes from the manufacturer

For heat therapy you heat up the thermal shoes in a water bath or use the microwave in defrost mode according to the instructions for use. Please be careful when using the hot gel compress.

The manufacturer's recommendation for the use of cooling slippers and thermoshoes

  • for heat and cold therapy
  • immediate aid for sports accidents
  • can help to relieve rheumatism and joint problems
  • beneficial after operations in the foot area
  • applicable for cold feet

The advantages of the cooling slipper and thermal shoes from us as manufacturer

Cooling slippers and thermal shoes from GÖCKENER offer you a variety of advantages.

  • easy use
  • fast help in case of emergency
  • diverse applications
  • can have an analgesic and decongestant effect
  • can support the healing process
  • reusable
  • individual shapes and sizes possible
  • very good price-performance ratio
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