Beverage cooler for bottles of all kinds

Bottle cooler from the manufacturer - simple application with great effect

The bottle coolers from GÖCKENER convince as a premium product all along the line. Due to the additional insulation in the bottle coolers, which we as the manufacturer have developed, the drinks not only remain cool for many hours, they are also cooled down particularly quickly. We offer you different sizes of bottle coolers. They are suitable as piccolo coolers for 0.2 l bottles, as champagne and wine bottle coolers for 0.7 l bottles or as beer bottle coolers for 0.33 l and 0.5 l bottles.

The matching bottle cooler gift bag is chic storage and cooling at the same time, which makes it a perfect giveaway and proves to be particularly functional at a barbecue party or during travelling. The Bottle Cooler Carrying Bag ensures cooled drinks everywhere and is ideal for 0.7-1.0 l bottles.

We manufacture the bottle cooler from PVC-free EVA film, which is filled with a cooling gel that can be cooled down to -18 °C. The insulating foam ensures that the core remains cooled for a long time and together with the printable special insert the bottle cooler from us as the manufacturer becomes an ideal advertising medium for enthusiastic customers. The special inserts can be printed with screen, offset or digital printing.

The Bottle Cooler is also the ideal cooling solution for Tetra Paks.

Due to the flexible production "Made in Germany", we at GÖCKENER offer you the possibility to have the bottle coolers produced in an individual design and different sizes, among others also for food cooling. You can decide for small quantities as well as for large orders. We guarantee you fast delivery times.

This way the bottle coolers are a real bestseller and convince every customer. Once you have got to know the innovative cooling method, you will not want to miss it anymore. Furthermore the bottle coolers from us as manufacturer are the perfect advertising medium.

The advantages of our bottle coolers:

The many different bottle coolers from GÖCKENER offer just as many different advantages.

  • to cool down and keep cold
  • product with multiple benefits
  • ideal as a gift variant
  • ideal advertising medium
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